Sabtu, 25 Agustus 2012

how to reach your dreams

when you want to reach your dreams, but you don't know what to do, don't give up.

First, what you have to do is start believing that your dreams will come true.

Second, ignore people judgment.
If you were a primordial people, would you believe our world already have technology like this?
Do you believe that space authorization will be useful someday?
If you think it carefully, people will claim their space someday. even people don't care about it at this time.

Third, design your dreams what you believe.
This is the hardest part of your step. But, nature will bring everything to fulfill your dreams if you always believe to your dreams.

Sometimes, when i am stuck with everything what i did to realize my dreams, i start to believe it over and over again. If you never believe the power of prayer, then don't. But i believe with pray, everything gonna be alright.

NB : masih kacang bgt deh bahasa inggris gue. seiring berjalannya waktu, gue percaya bahasa inggris gue bakalan membaik dan layak dibaca kalo gue terus berusaha dan gatau malu kayak gini. karena orang yang ingin menjadi besar, pasti punya mimpi yang besar. Untuk mencapai yang besar, kita mulai dari yang kecil dulu. kalo mau kritik, bisa langsung komen. karena dengan kritik, kita akan cepat belajar. xie xie ni :)

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