Sabtu, 01 Juni 2013

Day #19 Without Music, We Are Nothing!

Cara meluapkan perasaan dengan cepat dan tepat guna adalah dengan musik. meminimalisasi ke-norak-an. tapi entah kenapa jatohnya berasa norak, tapi tetep aja ditulis. HAHAHAHAHA

There it is!
Come Home - One Republic

Hello world
Hope you're listening
Forgive me if I’m young
For speaking out of turn
There’s someone I’ve been missing
I think that they could be
The better half of me
They’re in the wrong place trying to make it right
But I’m tired of justifying
So I say to you..

Come home
Come home
Cause I’ve been waiting for you
For so long
For so long
Right now there's a war between the vanities
But all I see is you and me
The fight for you is all I’ve ever known
So come home

I get lost in the beauty
Of everything I see
The world ain’t half as bad
As they paint it to be
If all the sons,
All the daughters
Stopped to take it in
Well hopefully the hate subsides and the love can begin
It might start now, yeah
Well maybe I’m just dreaming out loud
Until then...

Everything I can’t be
Is everything you should be
And that’s why I need you here
Everything I can’t be
Is everything you should be
And that’s why I need you here
So hear this now...

I love it when we are separated by distance
Right now, missing you is not a mistake, it's a reality that i can't handle it in time
But, i will not wait for you
I just give us a time to grow up together, until we find what is our future like
Because someone said, waiting make your life depend on him but 'give the time' means you enjoy your life with or without him.
Someone said, your life is about yourself and others
and right now, is about me, him, and others. how about the future? i don't know
waiting means you forget about yourself. after all, it's just about mindset
except, we know what we want for our future, it's not about 'give the time' anymore. it's about building our future. and we're not ready yet.

emang yang namanya niat itu ga ada tandingannya.
that's why i always questioned about that :D

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