Sabtu, 23 Januari 2016

Losing An Opportunity

Quote of the day:
"Never wasting the opportunity when it comes ahead"

My life always easy when i just grab everything in front of me without thinking. But, when i let just one opportunity, my life is bewildered lately. I was thinking too much back then. Currently, i just realize, you have to know how your life all this time. When you look it carefully, you will know how is your pattern over these past years. I forgot that until i feel like losing myself. I forgot what is my real identity. I forgot how is my pattern before.

I am not used thinking much when an opportunity appear suddenly. Firstly, I grab it. Secondly, i undergo that decision without regret. Thirdly, if i experience problem that is difficult to solve, then i would use my brain to solve that problem.

But everything seems wrong now. i let my opportunity that i really want flew like a flash. this is my first time i feel some kind of feeling, regret. it feels more hurt than my broken heart experienced. Because of that, i am trying to take it back. i really hard to catch it more. so that i can pay my mistake and feel no regret anymore.

so many people have a capability to make a decision with their feeling not using logic. I called it a gift. it means, your feeling and your logic are bend. you don't have to worry to feel regret later. Other than that, so many people who always use their logic for making a decision because their logic are better than other people. What kind of decision maker are you?

From all this matter, what i am thankful is i can back to my sense. Finally I can find myself again. Even tough i was losing my opportunity and make me regret that i hate the most.

if i can turn back time, i definitely take that opportunity. Please come back again to me now. please?

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