Selasa, 16 Februari 2016


Fate is something that you cannot predict the future and connected with other's prayers and yours
- Ratri-

In my previous article, i regret my tardiness for making decision. I thought the door will close permanently. And i should find another way to purchase another path that direct to the same purpose. Not long from that mindset, another chance appeared and i convinced my heart and logic to accept that chance, but until the very crucial moment, i haven't sent my application letter to them. What happened?

First, when i talked to everyone who close to me about my plan, they seems not happy and doubtful about my future
Second, i still ask to my self, "is this the right decision?"

i am doubtful. Present condition almost make me choose the second chance. But, in the end, somebody said to me to ask Alloh SWT. So, I asked Alloh what is the best for me through sholat istikharah. Human always make mistakes, but Alloh always guide them to the right choice. Finally, i give it a try to pray to Alloh.

Amazingly, the chance appeared in front of me in a blink of an eye. The door that i thought close permanently is open again. They told me to make fast decision. Without thinking, i sent requirements and hope everything will go smoothly.

Even though someone ever said to me that the door will close permanently, everyone's prayer are the most powerful thing to chance your fate. That means that Alloh rule universe, Allohu Akbar. Yes, i believe in "kun fa yakun". We pray to Alloh, and Alloh will make it happen.

I think, before we live in this world, Alloh has done mapping every human life, every part of it. So maybe the choice of your life, Alloh is the one who created it with so many causality variables. Alloh gave you so many choice and your effort is the causality variables, including pray. Human's knowledge is limited, that is why Rosulullah saw told us to do sholat istikharah when we face difficulties of choice. Because Alloh's knowledge is unlimited.

When i asked my husband, which option you are pleased? He said, "the first option". InsyaAlloh i will not have regret for this decision. Because my husband's pleased is Alloh's pleased. Bismillah...

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