Minggu, 02 April 2017

Bandung! Here We Come!

I never expected that my life would be like this. Me and my husband are living in Bandung right now! WOW!!!

We ever talked about this choice, but we never expected this chance would came so fast. After one year of our marriage, my husband decided to move to Bandung and moved to another job. Unfortunately, the company of my husband, not very fabulous like before. This is only small company, running company. We didn't have any expectation and we really resigned about the money.

Here we go! We live in Bandung for almost one month! Yeay! Here are the differences between before and after conditions:

1. Lifestyle

My Husband: Every morning and evening, my husband had to fight for traffic every time we go to the our office. Even though me always accompany my husband in the car. He sometimes complain about the traffic and time that had been wasted too much.

Me: Of course I have to wake up early every morning to prepare the food for breakfast and packed for lunch. I had to wake earlier than my husband. The worst case is that i had to follow my husbands working hours. zad

2. See each other face everyday

Okay! This is the best part! Every time i wake up, and go to sleep, i can see my partner's face. SWEET right? My husband can comfort me every time. YIHAAAAY.

3. Sad Part

My husband's job-desk is not only come to the office, but have to work in the field too. He leave me for days. I have to flee to my mother/father in law's house. Huaaahhhh.

And I miss him so badly. He was in Kalimantan for one week and still counting :(

This house is not feel the same when my husband was not around. uhuhuhuhuhuhuhu

When will you come home hon? huft.


But, thank you for fighting for us berebeb! I know this is the hard choice. But you are the brave and responsible father! thank you for coming to us! I hope Alloh SWT will always bless you. AAAMMMIIIINNNN!

I love you berebeb :)

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